4 Key Traits To Achieve Success And Conquer Your Dreams

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Being persistent and learning from mistakes is a law in the world of entrepreneurship and even more so when you truly want to succeed.

Part of this process leads to humbly declaring oneself ignorant so it forces continuous studying and learning, which ultimately leads to constant changes, adjustments and improvements in the quality and the personality as a person and as an entrepreneur.

However, one of the biggest questions which most entrepreneurs face, since day one, is: What does it take to be successful? What separates successful entrepreneurs from the rest?

From my experience and materials that I’ve read, I developed an acronym born from the word ‘PURE’ that identifies in each letter the 4 key traits that have led hundreds of entrepreneurs to success, differentiating them from the rest, allowing them to go through various kinds of torment when on the road in order to ultimately reach for the stars. Traits that have a positive impact, personally and professionally.

So, ‘Entrepreneurs must be pure’:

P is for Passion

As an entrepreneur you must accept the fact that you will go through many tormenting moments and difficult stages in your life. Without passion, the journey will not make any sense and you will not survive. Every time you face a new door of torment and if you’re not passionate about what you do, then you will never be able to open that door. You must be passionate about what you are doing, deeply passionate. It is a pure labor of love for what you do that will allow you to open the necessary doors to succeed.

U is for Urgency

Ok, you have the passion, you opened and entered the gates of torment. Now you need to have a sense of urgency. As an entrepreneur you have to live with a constant sense of urgency that time is running out and if you do not move fast and constantly enough, you will lose everything. This sense of urgency is what will allow you to go through the many tormenting moments as fast as possible. We don’t have much time and as entrepreneurs, that time is reduced to only a fraction of our lives. That’s all the time you have to be successful. There are no holidays, vacations, weekends or time off. Each day is an opportunity to keep moving forward.

R is for Resilience

Ok, we are making progress. You have the passion that allows you to go through tormenting moments. You have the sense of urgency that drives you to go through it as fast as possible and now you need resilience. It isn’t any new news that life is not easy. It is not full of rainbows and sunshine. Life is very complex, difficult and will set you up to fail and unfortunately others around you will also be happy to see you fall short. Every time that life has a chance to bring you down, it will. That’s what happens inside the tormenting moments that you will go through. They’ll hit you many times and it is this resilience that will allow you to bounce back up, it will strengthen you and will keep you moving forward. No matter what happens, overcome your problems and keep going!

E is for Empathy

The last thing you need to be aware of is being empathetic. Empathy lets you relate and connect with people by putting yourself in their shoes and understanding what their motivations and emotions are. Empathy allows you to feel and understand, very clearly, what your partners, clients, employees, investors, and founders feel, in addition to those surrounding you. When you empathize, your answer to each one is directly related to what they’re feeling, so they will feel understood, heard and not judged. Empathy will allow you to feel and understand the torment that you are going through, that is not something personal against you, that’s just what torment does, its part of nature and therefore you will understand and not judge, therefore you will keep moving forward!

Be passionate about what you do. If there is no passion then it makes no sense. Live with a constant sense of urgency because time waits for no one. Be resilient in life because torment will continuously hit you without any warning. Finally, empathize, connect with people so they will feel heard, understood and respected.

Last but not least, I want to leave you all with one of my personal quotes that I feel will help you realize if you are on the right track of your life:

“When you start to see the days as stepping-stones towards achieving your dreams, you stop whining because it’s Monday and you stop celebrating because it’s Friday. Every day becomes a great day!”

You can do it!