A: “I must be going! I have to hurry!”

it’s a beautiful day, the sun sends you a kiss, the moon tilted to pass a gentle hello. What a remarkable phenomenon to witness them. We feel so …minuscule in the whole scheme of things…compared to the magnificence the surrounds us were-

A: with causal irritation: “What a dull boring day, I mean I’ve been saying this about the past few days but boy oh boy does this one take the grand reward for blowing it, absolutely a miserable, miserable day indeed”

The pathways seem to lure a seeker into adventure, a bewildering self-improving destiny-reaching goal-achieving journey. What a remarkable gift. Even the road leaves no rocks that stumble. Trees comforting with their shade and strength, we proclaim them as companies, yet for all we know they could simply be swaying to the silent unheard melodies of the wind. We’ll never know how extraordinary those melodies could be. What a gift.

They witnessed so much, even the moon it has stood a proud witness to the mere — — of our existence it-

A: “I’m in for a long walk where can I rest my eyes?!! Where could I find something amusing. There dirt filled roads have been the same, static, imprisoned in time, everything is ordinarily pathetic!”

umm freshly blossomed roses, what a delightful treat to the senses. They’re the rich velvet-like beds of passion for insects alike. Home is where the rose lies I suppose. It’s all overwhelming to perceive.

A: Nothing is amusing anywhere!!! (speaks with great frustration, as if it were a personal matter…)

B: You must be one of those passengers right? (speaks with a casual grunt)

A: That’s not even a bit more sane than I am you know, who are you and what were you mumbling about any way?!

B: I-

A: Don’t mind that, I’m in a hurry I must be going!!

B: Of course, Don’t you all?

A: Yes, that’s the nature of things isn’t it now

B: You’re misusing the word “nature”

A: (thought he was a lunatic, just a roll of the eyes was the best reaction in his opinion)

B: I’m no lunatic either

A: But how di-

B: you lack confidence otherwise you would have told me what you thought of me

A: would it have made a difference

B: why of course not

A: Look-

B: here we go again-

A: Hey hey hey!!

B: *sighs*

A: Listen stop it alright just stop!! I don’t have time to split hairs with you I must-

B: be going yes, just be going

A: *straightness clothes, takes deep breath and starts walking again he thinks about saying one last thing but he thinks it is better to not say anything at all until he hears again*

B: You will never have time and when you think you finally do that’s exactly when you actually don’t that’s a mere illusion, it’s a trap, you set yourselves for and you get caught up in it and even then you refuse to get you refuse to get that the secret to-

A: stop it!!

B: Time in your grasp is like trying to hold on to water in the palm of your hands, no matter how tight your fingers are pressed against each other water will drain out and you’re left with the essence of what was

A: we all do what we have to do to-

B: I was telling you the secret to-

A: Just stop it with all this already!! STOP IT!!

B: The closer you’ll get the further these places will become


B: You’ll miss out, let your senses feast

A: SHUT UP JUST SHUT IT ALREADY!!! *collapses to the ground nagged to exhaustion he might as well lend an ear*

A: who a-

B: don’t ask silly questions you know exactly w-

A: *sighs* I guess I was just-

B: say it

A: I’m late

B: no you’re going to be on time

A: for what?

B: for th-

A: but-

B: instinct is knocking

C: you alright?

A *turns around confused*

C: we’ve been watching you for a while *pauses and with slight hesitation continues* we were actually on that hill over there having a picnic and we couldn’t help but notice you were acting rather strange…you alright?

A I’m …*clears throat* yeah I’m fine I’m just not sure what you’re talking about, what I mean to say I was on my way to- I was having a talk with …an old friend I don’t understand how that’s deemed strange?

C: you’ve been alone here since you walked up to this street you live over there don’t you

A: yeah?…

C: we watched you arrive and talk and mumble things to yourself at first we assumed you couldn’t be bothered but then we were certain you need help, you’re unusual

A *smiled contentedly and knew now he understands, of course! it all makes sense now he had to revisit, he had to reconnect, he had to step back before he can go forward*

he was consumed by his train of thought…*

C: I’ve been standing here watching you talk to yourself AGAIN!! if you’re not going to talk to me and tell me if-

A: Oh I’m sorry I-

C: just answer me already I must be going, I’m running out of time you know!!

Oh no thank you very much *he said cheerfully* as a matter of fact, I never felt better. Thanks indeed.

C: um ok as you like I guess

A: oh by the way just remember to slow down let time find you.

C: *people are rude and weird* was the only thought that remain in that head after such reply

Who’s next to stop and understand. Whatever you do, whenever you do. Never judge

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