Presumably Psychotic

Don’t touch the baby

Baby angels are awaken from their sleep

Two hundred an seventy three days must be sufficient

Wake up little angels, who do your eyes first see?

What faces, what expressions

What do you think the voices bare for your little ears to see?

Your starving senses will consume without rule

Nothing governs what you take in

You have precious features baby angels, ones that melt a heart to see

You yawn and your eyes ponder

How curious you grow to be

Don’t touch the baby

Cries could mean nothing, cries mean everything

How can something so simple be so complex

So complex beyond understanding?

A gentle touch, a cradle companion and a reassuring voice is needed

Don’t touch that baby

Love is underrated and you wish to make no mistakes

You reasons and excuses that are far beyond convincing

Don’t touch the baby

Your actions are deeply rooted

And a collapse is bound to happen

Deny it not for it is inevitable

Worry of how it might be

Don’t touch the baby now, just don’t

For your touch now is a painful reminder

Step forward…

No, set-back

Keep your distances

Things will start to get messy

A heart was scarred before it could feel

A fragile mind is completely shattered before it collected dark milestones

Is it just too late for them to heal?

Don’t touch the baby now just don’t

You’ll cause more harm than any good

You neglected to care

Deny not don’t you dare

From this moment nothing will be fair

Your baby knows nothing of love and affection

Your baby will be a live rendition of your neglect

Watch your baby grow heartless

Disturbed and mercilessly interrupted by the nightmares of infancy

It is just that, a train of nightmares that knows not to stop

Make it stop! Your baby pleads

The horrors of the past are atrocious

Your baby will go on to lie, hate and maybe even kill

Reflections become terrifying

Sounds of all sorts are taunting

A touch now is a too little too late sort of thing

A touch is beyond that thing you dare not to speak of

A touch now is deadly

A touch now is fatal

A touch now is disturbing

A touch now is disastrous

So please…just don’t

“There is no witness so dreadful, no accuser so terrible as the conscience that dwells in the heart of every man.”


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