Some thoughts today: 20/6

Sometimes we barely even take time to breathe, and even more often do we short ourselves the time to cry.

Our microwave society encourages us to consume, and so we are consumed

by our feelings and the insecurities of the fears we never thought real enough to confront.

Silence seems too weird. And how hard is it to just say nothing? I don’t give worth to every thought that enters my mind, but it’s hard to stop myself from assigning some to the empty stream of bleh that comes out of your mouth.

Yeah, asshole move, I get it, and I’ll own it.

It’s not that I think being nice is overrated. Its more of the fact that I’m steadily growing older, and looking back, large parts of my life were dominated by the perception of others. It may be an asshole move to not care about what you’re saying, but if you don’t actually care either, and are just doing something just to doing something.. Well I feel decent (just decent) about the chip on my shoulder.

Anyways, I’m finally getting to the point where I can step back and just breathe and it feels damn good. I did it today. Here’s to Tomorrow