How we’re taking the BS out of washing your car

Let’s face it, washing your car sucks!

A few months ago, I woke up one bright Saturday morning only to look out the window and find my car sitting in the driveway completely covered in dirt and cat paws.

Of course, my first reaction is I need to wash my car! So I went to the cabinet where I usually kept all my car wash supplies, but quickly realized I was out of everything — soap, wax, towels etc .

The last thing I wanted to do on a Saturday morning was drive to O’Reilly Auto Parts. I had no choice.

So I got dressed and headed out the door. When I arrived to the store, I was met with a million different brands of wash products. How was I supposed to choose? They were all super expensive with crazy logos of expensive cars or shiny turtles on the packaging.

I didn’t care, all I wanted to do was wash my car without having to eat ramen noodles for a week!

Why the car wash industry sucks

The current car wash industry has a major problem. Most importantly, there is tons of competition.

Walk into any auto parts store and you will see, the car wash products industry is an extremely crowded market. Thousands of different companies are now selling their own line of soap, wax and dozens of other necessary wash products.

Consequently, this leads to an outrageously high manufacture suggested retail price (MSRP) which is in turn passed on to consumers. If their is no MSRP, you have worry about keystone pricing where they double the price they bought it wholesale.

Regrettably, this isn’t the only markup passed onto car owners.

Apart from traditional wholesale markup, there are distributors, delivery drivers, and retail stores all taking a piece of the pie and causing the price of a simple car soap or wax to skyrocket.


Choice overload.

Price isn’t the only issue here. With so many choices, it’s hard for an uninformed car owner to know which product is best for their car. Now, the problem with this is almost all of them are the same damn thing!

For most car care products the only major difference is the sticker on the front of it. I think in todays age we all deserve complete transparency, not markup after markup.

With thousands of companies competing to win the chance to empty my wallet, my team and I knew their had to be a better way.

SudzBucket — The NO BS Way to Wash Your Car

We are creating a new, hassle free way to wash your car. No retailers, no distributors, no middlemen period.

We manufacture simple car care products that get the job done without costing you an arm and a leg, and deliver them to you every month all in a convenient box.

Finally, you can skip the store and get quality car care products without paying an arm and a leg, delivered to you every month.

Never spend another minute trying figure out which soap or wax isn’t going to mess up your paint!

Above all, cancel at any time and customize when you get your deliveries, we send you only the amount of product you need.

Simple, quality car wash products.

Be that as it may, what are the bare essentials you need to wash your car? You need some soap, a sponge and a towel. As much as the car wash industry would hate for you to know, you don’t need gallons of product either.

So, we created our very own line of simple eco-friendly car wash products. Thats means soap and everything else you absolutely need to keep your car clean.

Our goal is not only simplicity, but transparency. You get what you pay for, not paying extra for expensive branding.

Because we manufacture and deliver our own products to you, that means no middlemen.

This is better for you because we don’t have to compete for retail space and you don’t have to worry about choice overload.