I doomed mankind with a free text editor
Morten Just

Detractors are right, of course. For instance: researchers probably can’t use only 1000 words in front of an audience of experts to describe their very latest breakthrough. The topic is too specific, the nuances too subtle.

But detractors are wrong. Of course they are! Because the same talk would be a waste of time if shown on CNN.

To broaden your audience, you need to vulgarize.

Vulgarize. Make it vulgar. Common. Simple. Dumb.

Yes, you lose all the nuances, but what’s the point of nuances if nobody gets it?

In fact, as pointed out by commenters and Morten Just in the article, hiding behind language has some major effect: cutting people off the conversation, and keep the power to the elite (because knowledge is power).

The point is: use the app when appropriate. Don’t use language to control others.

So why are people so upset about the app? It’s not like the app will be forced on anyone… we remain free to be as wordy as we wish!

Detractors react because they care. Because they resent the changes going through society. And they’re scared things will be lost along the way. For them, the loss of language skills is putting the society at risk.

With any change, some people are in denial, and wish things would go back to what they were before.

Make English Great Again, anyone?

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