Master Vue.js by mastering common problems

Many times, when we learn a new technology we end up with some problems and some times we found solutions at stack overflow. There, many great developers share awesome solutions and best practices, so when I want to master a new programming language I always navigate to some great answers to common questions.

Doing that,I found myself discovering some awesome answers, that probably if I wasn’t be aware of them I would ended up with an ugly solution. So I decided to share some great vue.js questions and answers that I think will help you a lot to master vue.js.

Feel free to give suggestions.


1.Axios-Make multiple request at once (vue.js)

2.handling axios error with laravel and vue js

3.How to set header and options in axios?

4.Cancel previous request using axios with vue.js


1.Call an action from within another action

2.Vuex Action vs Mutations

3.How to navigate using vue router from Vuex actions

4.Vuex — passing multiple parameters to action


1.Vue.js query parameters

2.Vue.js page transition fade effect with vue-router

3.Lazy Loading Vue Components

4.How can I go back/route-back on vue-router?

5.Vuejs: Event on route change

6.Optional param in vuejs router

7.Guarding child routes in vuejs

Common questions:

1.Vue.js — How to properly watch for nested data

2.Vue v-on:click does not work on component

3.How do I extend another VueJS component

4.Prevent on click on parent when clicking button inside div to use localstorage with Vue.JS

6.A way to render multiple root elements

7.VueJS. v-model in custom component

8.Vuejs — Hide vuejs syntax when page loading

9.VueJS pass all props to child component

Other useful links:

1.Vue.js change {{ }} tags

2.In Vue JS, call a filter from a method inside the vue instance

3.Using lodash in all of vue component template

4.What is nextTick or what does it do in VueJs

5.Is there a proper way of resetting a component’s initial data in vuejs?

6.How to create dynamic tag

7.How to listen to the window scroll event in a VueJS component?

8.How to set a component non-reactive data in Vue 2?

9.How to emit events in a functional Vuejs component

10.How to watch child properties changes from parent component

11.Multiple imported and registered components in vue.js

Thank you very much for reading this article.