Rat Race

"If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop the story" -Orson Welles

Image - Pexel

We are born into the middle of a story; the beginning of which has its narrative grounded in endless debates, but whose end appears only as we pen it. We each start where we appear until, soon, we are pressed to reach a conclusion which, though influenced by general themes, is defined by individual journeys.

Armed with consequences, principles and beliefs, many brave the lawless, albeit character-defining, fields of survival. Through the frantic, sometimes futile, scuttling, bridges are built and bonds are broken. Sometimes brothers stay together. Somehow strangers become family. Some give their hearts while others are careless with the heart of another.

Activists. Disorders. Poor judgment. Ruthless competition. The grind is gruelling where wit is the jury. Often, smiles are forced and kindness is a suspect. Sanity is decked in relativity. Johnny English becomes the new Queen. Amidst the comedy of errors, the world sighs and we must decide.

In the end, we all give. Persuaded by the Mob, we give. Enticed by fame, we give. Intoxicated by power, we give. Sometimes only because our prize is taken away from us, still, we give. Because we have known pain, we give.

In unscripted lines, before we have to get back to the page where crooks arraign thieves, we feed the world. Away from it all, before we return to the rat race, the world unites to love Bradley Lowrey and it is a day of happy endings.

Inspired by the 2001 movie "Rat Race" directed by Jerry Zucker.

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