How to create a beautiful drop shadows [Tips and Tricks]


Today I will tell you how to make a falling shadow more attractive with the help of a few tricks.

As you probably already know, these parameters are responsible for rendering the drop shadow.

- using Adobe Photoshop: Right click on the layer - Blending options (Double click on the layer) - Drop shadow
- using Adobe Illustrator: Select shape - Effect - Stylize - Drop shadow

Drop shadow settings

I’ll show you two tricks to make a nice drop shadow using Photoshop:

1 ) The shadow must be offset from the main shape

  1. Duplicate your shape and decrease it;
  2. Move the new shape to the lower edge of the main shape;
  3. Move the shape to the layer below;
  4. Double click on the new layer and adjust the shadow.

2 ) The color of the shadow should not be black

  1. Make the shadow color the same as the main shape;
  2. Adjust opacity and blending mode.
Nice and simple drop shadow example

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