Life is not a fairy tale

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Hi, I’m Philippe. I hate my name but I have to deal with it since 1958. Wow, I’m such a old chap now …! I’ve sold my three companies 20 years ago and I’m retired since 15 years now. Life worth to be lived. I’m living in Lyon during the winter, and in Saint Tropez for the whole long summer of the beautiful French Riviera. You gonna think I’m an asshole still believing in the Saint Tropez dream, when this place only gathered poor people pretending to be rich. To say the truth, I don’t really care. You can think whatever you want about my money if it matters for you.

My life is now here. My friends are here, sun is here, and I got the things that I really love with me. Or, at least, I try!

My beautiful woman is here with me. She’s not working. She is at the house, enjoying life at its best. Feminist don’t piss me off. She’s not in charge of the cleaning. She cooks, but because she likes it right? I’m not into that new idealistic generation but I do take care of my love ones.

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My kids are not always here! My fight is to get them together at the same time in our summer family house.But you know, kids, they grow up and are busier planning the next trip with their graduate friends than being with their lovely parents who are desperately waiting for them. So I have to wait for 2 months before seeing my oldest kid for 5 days. Because he will go to Bali for the summer bringing my 2 years old little diamond with him and his young wife! I’m such a proud grandfather ! And then, I will wait for another month to see my daughter, Jade, who will come with some friends from her last trip in the US. But I’m still happy. I’m just at a life stage where nothing is a big deal anymore. I just want to enjoy what life can best offer. I have no time to waste.

What I like the most is having my family together around the table. What’s more important than your family? Those occasions are always a time to celebrate. By the way, Marie just forgot to buy some champagne! We are running out of bottles. My favorite one is Dom Pérignon. I worked hard, and now it’s time to live and enjoy. Jade loves it too. I know that’s what she drinks when she goes to les Caves du Roy. This famous club is not helping my bank account. But I know that Dom Pé is what they all propose. I just hope she gets the value of her drink and that she understands how hard is it to win what a single glass of this champagne costs !

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I really like this champagne. I’ve been used to drink it for a long time now. When it comes to chose a bottle, I don’t think too much and trust my taste and my experience. Going for groceries is not something I want to spend time on. Good quality products, Yes. Time to compare and be sure to chose right, No. Once you found something you liked, why look for other brands? I can afford it now, I think I deserve it. Let’s keep it simple.

I remembered last time we went to this nice restaurant in the old town of Saint Tropez with Didier and Béatrice. I must say that good products often come with good quality products. And this place was a great place.

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We shared a bottle of Dom Pérignon all together, celebrating the diploma of Didier’s son! I liked the place even though it was quite a show off place. Sometimes I would just want to have my dinner in the simplest place, somewhere less crowded, in a beautiful place far from the crowd. That’s my definition of luxury. Simplicity and quality at the same time.

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Jade and her friend Julie were there this night. She spent 10 minutes trying to get the perfect picture of the bottle. They were really happy and convinced they will have followers on their pictures. I mean likes, sorry. I don’t even know what they were talking about. She was really sassy when I told her that I wasn’t interested in “the good social media footprint of Dom Pérignon”. She explained me how history was important, and how good they were at producing the best champagne. She talked about some art collaboration with a certain Koons. I had no idea of what she was saying. I think her business school is really working on her. She said that I was just too old to understand.

Should I remember this little cheeky girl that the drinks Dom Pe thanks to her father ?!

This post was created as part of the Global Luxury Management Program at the NC State Poole School of Management. All thoughts and opinions are my owns and reflect my personal point of view.