Celery + Gorgias

Celery just released their API on Github, it’s currently in beta but here are some of the cool stuff you can do with it in Gorgias.

Display customer information

When you receive an email from a customer, you can connect your Celery account and see customer information (orders, shipping address, etc.). Here’s what it looks like:

Customer info from Celery

To configure it, grab your Celery access_token, head to integrations, and add an HTTP integration using this URL:


Then you can customize the sidebar to only show the Celery data you need to respond to customers. Click the cog and simply drag and drop elements you want to show.

Do common actions without leaving tickets

Celery’s API enables you to perform a few actions from your favorite helpdesk:

  • Edit an order
  • Cancel an order
  • Issue a refund
  • Create a coupon

Here’s an example of how you can cancel an order from Gorgias itself. Say you already have a macro to cancel an order. Add an HTTP action to it, in this case:


Then, when you use this macro and send it to the customer, it will automatically cancel the last order at the same time:

We hope this integration with Celery can save you time. If you have questions, we’re happy to help: support@gorgias.io ;)