Gucci F/W 16 : welcome to Michele’s delerium.

Many, many things came out from the Gucci show this afternoon. We strangely seem already very familiar with Michele’s style whereas he took the artistic direction of the house last year. Is it good, is it bad ? I could hardly say by now.

This show was about drawing and painting — litterally. Some trompe l’œil/optical illusions (a signature of the new Gucci era) brought very fresh and innocent vibes to a rich collection, next to boyish tuxedos and vintage printed silk shirts. I noticed many princess-like puffed shoulders, as if the italian designer was getting back in time even further. Japanese inspirations came at the end of the show with these kimono dresses, birds embroideries and floral patterns. It was sometimes almost about punk too, with some oversized washed jackets for both men and women.

But as I try to find what links all these looks one with another, I realize maybe I’m taking all of it the wrong way. What we saw was just a huge fashion delerium, in which sense and reason are not welcome. Michele brings us into a strange and poetic silk embroidered dream, taking us apart from a cloudy reality, even if we found some snakes and weird outfits in this dream. Let’s just hope this sweat fantasy won’t became a nightmare when it will comes to translate it into real life in stores.