Future of Voice Searches & Impact on SEO

Surely I’m not Genie to do anything in a second or do everything that people say to me. I just guess, several years later we’ll not surprise when looking at people who are talking with own mobile phone. What I’m saying is not ‘bout be on the phone to someone, it’s ‘bout our best respondent friend will be a robot — a mobile phone.

So, what we’ll be found in this story?

  • Revolution & Future of Voice Searches
  • Percentages (%*) of Voice Searches
  • Voice Response on Google’s Featured Snippet
  • Features of Voice Search
  • Impact of Google’s Voice Search on Zero-Clicks
  • The Future of SEO
  • Important Resources & Case Studies

The Trend of Voice Searches Started 2-Years Ago

4th November 2016, it is when Google Home was announced. Google Home is a smart speaker-responder technology which is work with Google Assistant software. Google Assistant is working well when we as users speak voice commands to interact any desire. That product is perfect for people who like to be punctual, which time is one of the most important things in their lives and who have a budget to buy it. I’m not wrong when I say that, because after 7-month from the announced date, 20% of searches from Google App will do by voice (take a look).

6-years ago, on Google Search began to appear voice icon, which now is the biggest search option. After 4-years announced of Google Home product is reasonable behaviour, because Google grows a billion voice search from users. Many of us, don’t know but Google really saves voice search on our Google Activity.

Google Account > My Activity > Voice & Audio (Help Center)

Personalized Voice Response to Voice Search

In the last few years marketing leaders many times speak ‘bout usage of Mobile. Therewithal in the last 2-years voice searches from mobile is very progressive. In the early years, when we type any query of search with voice Google shows just textual results. Now Google talks with us, from any devices (take a look at this record). 🤯

Google Assitant knows all our interests like; what we searched before, which websites we visited, the last location we are at etc. As a result, we are able to get fully personalized responses on every voice search we make for.

Zero-Click Action Rises 30% Compared to Over the Past 2 Years Data

If I get a satisfactory answer to my search from Google’s featured snippet, then I complete my action without any detail click and exit from other results.

Billion of users agree with my opinion. According to Jumpshot’s clickstream data, zero-click action of Google searches rises by 30% compared to the last 2 years. The estimated reason is, that most of the searches may be caused by queries that can be answered quickly.

Which queries can be answered quickly?

Source: Next Generation Search Voice — seoClarity
Voice search is growing faster than typed search.
- Behshad Behzadi, Google

A Year From Now, 30% of Web Browsing Session Will Be Done Without A Screen

Last week at the BrightonSEO conference John Mueller says “Google doesn’t steal traffic from our websites. Contrary to this, Google increases awareness and help to searcher get to the information a bit faster” (take a look at keynote recap).

Okay, to help searchers to get quick details is fine. But I don't think so is the best way for website owners. Because the majority of website owners need more clicks to their web pages, to increase traffic and brand awareness.

So, no way to change that progress. We need to adapting and try new strategies. According to Gartner’s conference notes;

By 2020, 30% of web browsing sessions will be done without a screen.
Well, surprise!

The Future of SEO (?)

I think we need to do a few hiking trips! If we need to begin a profitable website and make more money, keep away from old strategies. Google already answer short queries make by users. To be honest, non-clicks is gonna be no results for us. 🤷‍♂️

According to Brian Dian’s content marketing study, analysand over 900 million blog posts, between 1,000–2,000 words posts are shared more on social media. In addition to what said that research, posts which have between 3,000–10,000 words have gained more backlinks. The most valuable data obtained, that is long content is more interactive than short content.

Make more tests, what your users need from your websites? What you can offer to them? If Google’s voice searches are growing up, then invest too on search bar with voice option. But don’t hesitate to do experiments it is working well or not. Google last year ran more than 200K experiments that resulted in 2,400+ changes to search(source). If they developing and spending time to increase user experience, then you need to follow them and do better experience for your users! Trigger your data-driven!

Some important resources:

Voice Search Report by globalwebindex, The Next Generation of Voice Search by seoClarity, Keep Voice Searches on Google’s Data by Independent & The Next Era of Web Marketing by Rand Fishkin.

Many thanks for your attention!

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