Illustration by Yann Houri

I think social media has killed my brain…

I’ve always had difficulty focusing on a single idea for too long, unless it was one of those a-ha story breaking moments, but my brain is mush now. It’s strung out and littered with dead neurons, synapses dim and in search of the perfect dose of dopamine to fire them back up.

I’ve already stopped writing this piece twice to explore other ideas, one of which was a cover image for this post. I googled “artistic illustrations of the brain.” I wish I could have just drawn my own but I’ve never been good at drawing, it’s one of those things I make a pledge to learn how to do every year and then never do it. I get distracted. I’m always distracted. Can I blame social media for that too?

[Is everyone unhappy on here or is it just me?]

I know y’all killed Drake for the second verse on “Emotionless,” but he was talking about some real shit. Are we all actors now? Is everything Hollywood? Are we all just starlets waiting to get fucked on the casting couch that is life?

I think Will Smith may be the happiest person on the internet. I still remember when I was mad at Will Smith for getting on the internet. What the fuck is Will Smith doing being a vlogger? He’s a fucking MOVIE STAR.

Will Smith is smarter than me.

I read a really great comic book yesterday, well, it was really two comic books.

I stopped again after this. This time I uploaded a picture I took six years ago of the Brooklyn Bridge to my Instagram page. It took a while to do because I had to get the hashtags just right. Engagement is everything. Gotta see the numbers go up! Go look at my picture.

[please go look at my picture…and like…and follow. I’m trash.]

THE NEW WORLD #1 (left) WORK NIGHTS (right)

Anyway, I read THE NEW WORLD #1 yesterday and it also featured a great mini-comic from Aaron Stewart-Ahn, the co-screenwriter of MANDY the new Nicolas Cage/Panos Cosmatos flick which looks FUCKING EPIC. The two comics could not be further apart in tone and aesthetic but they delivered the necessary jolt of inspiration I needed to get back to work. (Inspiration is always better than empty dopamine.)

I’m not going to tell you what they’re about — I went in completely blind and I think you should too — but TNW is a dark comedy set in a dystopian future featuring acid trip visuals and WORK NIGHTS, Aaron’s mini-comic, is a thriller, I think? It’s a little Lynchian, a little M. Nighty, very efficient and super effective. Love it.

Buy the issue here:


I think this post was supposed to be about social media ruining my brain. And even though I took the scenic route you can probably tell if you’re still reading this that I’m not lying. I’m all over the place. I promise you I’m not on drugs. I’m just trying to tread water with a brain that feels like a 10-ton anchor.

I deleted my Facebook a while ago. I think I told you guys that already.

[Upon closer inspection, I didn’t.]

I really wanted to get rid of Twitter too but I keep meeting cool people on there. I need to meet all the cool people I can, I’m new to Los Angeles. I heard this is where the cool people are at now, they certainly aren’t in New York. I kind of enjoy Instagram but I have to mute everyone’s story on there. Let’s be honest, if you’ve seen one instamodel’s snap story you’ve kinda seen them all. I only want to see what my homies are up to and a few artists who make work that inspires me.

I get self-conscious every time I whip out my phone to take a picture at the function now. It’s unfortunate seeing as though it’s the greatest camera I own.

[Is it lame to link back to your own work in a new post? I just did it twice—well, three times if you count the Instagram post. That doesn’t count right? Whatever.]

I just don’t want to look like one of those people, yanno? I try not to live in the screen but that’s where everyone else is. All the jobs want you to know how to get people that live in the screen to look at their content. Engage with their content. Hit the subscribe button for their content. I’m not good at coping. I think we can be doing better.

[Are you guys having a good time?]