Fully dynamic procedural maps and missions?
Gaming Through the Looking Glass
Reto Meier

Well, there’s this little game called NO MAN’S SKY you may want to take a look at…

I’m happy you decided to jump back in. The industry has made incredible leaps forward, and even though mobile is proving to be extremely disruptive, the future of gaming seems bright. I’m always surprised when people who have been playing games since the Pong days are so down on modern games. As someone who started with the SNES, I am constantly wowed by what I see on screen. There are so many different gaming experiences to be had, so many worlds to visit, and so much loot to obtain.

P.S: Since you mentioned loving DOOM 2 you should definitely buy the new DOOM. It is very probably the best first-person shooter of this generation. It also has cool Easter eggs like this:

DOOM (1993) classic levels inside of DOOM (2016_


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