How Websites Like Zillow Are Changing the Landscape of Real Estate

Internet resources have enabled users to find various types of data, information and interesting facts. Whether an online search is performed for a home, a car or to compare several styles of blue jeans, a web-based user can locate things of interest using a personal computer or a mobile device. Zillow is a popular website that many user visit for real estate information.

About Zillow

Zillow is a premier real estate technology company that is based in Seattle, WA. Since 2006, consumers and real estate professionals have visited the Zillow website for local housing information and for national real estate data. Zillow is currently among the most trusted resources for free web-based property details.

Zillow for Home Sellers

Home sellers who are curious about recently settled transactions may decide to research certain types of data within the Zillow website. Prior to hiring a real estate agent to list a property, a home seller can gain valuable insight by using some of the tools that are on the website. A Zestimate from Zillow provides users with an online valuation for a specific property.

Zillow for Home Buyers

The Zillow website offers a variety of tools for home buyers. Homes that are for sale may be located using various formats such as the street address, city, state or zip code. A buyer may also search for a home via the listed price. A listing that is featured on Zillow generally has multiply property photos, a property description, a room count for bedrooms and bathrooms, neighborhood details, tax information and the price.

Zillow for Real Estate Agents

Zillow provides incredible services for real estate agents. Zillow enables real estate agents to market various services to home buyers and to home sellers. Many real estate agents spend a large amount of money to brand themselves and to familiarize buyers and sellers with an exclusive brokerage. However as an unbiased real estate entity, Zillow promotes property details from many brokerages with homes that are featured on the Multiple Listing Service.


Zillow is a phenomenal real estate resource. Consumers and real estate agents are able to perform a search on the Zillow website to find trusted professionals. A nationwide database reflects service providers for mortgage loans, appraisals, insurance and other services. Consumers may search for homes that are available for sale or homes that are available for rent.

Prior to Zillow, consumers had less access to real property data. Zillow and other technology websites that provide similar services are empowering consumers to research, locate and view real estate information with a basic Internet connection.

Roman Temkin is a NYC-based mobile entrepreneur.