Take Ownership of Your Calendar & Never Give it Back!

One of the biggest issues the modern manager faces is controlling his or her time. So many distractions consume your day … and they chase you everywhere. You have email on your phone, so you are never out of reach of those who want their priorities to be your own. It can be exhausting to fight this scourge of convenience. So don’t fight it, build a lifestyle and embrace a management approach that does not allow it.

Easier said than done, right? You have so many things to do on any given day it takes all day plus more just to get everything done.
If that’s you, I have some hard wisdom for you — you are doing too much … and you are not doing enough. Just working and checking things off a list is not productivity. And if you do certain things that keep you from doing what is best for your business, then, it doesn’t matter how long you work. You need to take back control of your schedule … and your life.

Here is one simple tip to taking back your calendar. This suggestion allows you to accomplish all you need to and still have time for all those “emergencies” and “right now” distractions that suck your time out of you. This tip is so simple most people miss it.

Build an extra hour into your day. Or two. One right after lunch and one at the end of your workday. Vow to turn off your phone, ignore your email and refuse to answer texts.

Then, if something comes up in your day, you have an hour at midday and an hour after work to move things around. Call ita scheduled buffer time. And what do you do if business goes as usual without any distractions or fire to put out? Use that time for planning, thinking about your business and working ON it, not IN it.

Do this long enough and both your regular clients and your employees will fall in line. They will understand you are unavailable at certain times, and you will find them passively trained to help you protect that time. That doesn’t mean you won’t have surprise moments or issues demanding an immediate response, but they will happen less often, leaving you much more time to do the things that will benefit your business most.

Roman Temkin is an entrepreneur from NYC.