The 5 Biggest NFL Scandals We Can’t Seem to Forget

Over the last year, it seems like there have been an increasing amount of scandals in the National Football League, but the league is no stranger to being caught up in a media storm, due to a major incident involving it’s players, coaches and owners. Here are the five biggest scandals that no one can forget about.

1. The OJ Simpson Case

Perhaps one of the most infamous cases in United States history, let alone in football history, is the double murder case that OJ Simpson found himself in during the nineties, after his televised slow speed chase in his Bronco. Adding to the infamy of the case, OJ was acquitted and did not end up doing any jail time, although he was subsequently found guilty in a civil suit and is now currently in prison for burglary.

2. Michael Vick Dog Fighting

Michael Vick was on top of the world and it seemed like everyone around the league was just getting to know him and root for him, when he was immersed in the massive dog fighting case, which ultimately landed him in prison. He was convicted of not only fighting dogs, but murdering a great deal of them as well, leaving people in outrage all over the country.

3. Spy Gate

Although the Patriots are in hot water again due to their recent scandal regarding deflating footballs in the AFC championship game, they were first caught in the now very famous Spy Gate scandal. This involved the team secretly spying on opposing teams, in preparation of playing them later on in the season. They were subsequently fined a great deal of money and faced other reprecusions from the league.

4. Bounty Gate

Several years ago, the New Orleans Saints were caught up in a bounty case, that implicated payments made to players who intentionally were trying to hurt the other players that they faced throughout the season. The league brought the hammer down and their head coach was banned for an entire year following the ordeal.

5. Ray Rice Scandal

The Ray Rice scandal is one of the most recent major scandals in the National Football League, as video came out of him punching and knocking his wife unconscious in the off season. He is shown on the tape trying to revive her and pulling her around, with the tape appearing that she was intoxicated. The scandal blew up when people realized that the league had this video and had not suspended Rice.

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