I Miss You

I miss you,

There is something in me that is missing. I feel like something have been taken from me, and that makes me sick.

I’m so afraid. Afraid that you left me, afraid that you forgot me, afraid to loose you because we don’t see each other a lot you just remplace me. Afraid that you will forgot that I’m here, forgot all the moments that we spend laughing so hard. 
I wish I could take that back, I wish I could be with you in every step of your life. I feel that I’m missing so much things and that makes me sad. I don’t want to be that friend, the ghost that you remember sometimes.

Do you remember those vacations, when we went to the South of France? We had so much fun! Going to the beach every night to contemplate the sunset, enjoying the sound of the waves, taking photos, dancing, singing, laughing, screaming, eating, … I want that back! Can’t we just have it back?

We had a plan, seeing each other every week, eating together on Tuesdays, boxing on Sundays, … But life! Life is against us, and we don’t see each other at all, and it makes so sad! We used to texted everyday, and don’t do that anymore either. What was wrong with our plan? 
I miss your company, I miss your presence with me, I miss telling you everything, I miss laughing with you, I miss hanging out with you in Paris, I miss talking to you, I miss your laughter, I miss …
It is like something is missing from me and I hate that.

I miss you so badly.

Je t’aime baby love.


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