I’m a Scientist. This is What I’ll Fight For.
Jonathan Foley

Mr Foley does not promote science, he promotes scientism. I am surprised that real scientists did not point out many of his flagrant errors. Among them is a missing definition of “fact”, a strange omission given his emphasis on “facts”. It would seem that “fact” is whatever “experts” like him say it is. For those who care, I wrote Medium blog: The Truth, the Facts and the “Fake News, which explains the rather fragile nature of the “truth”. Mr Foley also claims that “Science teaches us that national boundaries mean nothing. They are arbitrary lines etched into maps by people in power.” I wonder if US founding fathers, many of whom gave life for our independence from England would have agreed.

Finally, Mr Foley assigns the high “moral authority” status to science, which is fine if Matt Damon convinces you to dedicate your life to growing potatoes on Mars. If on the other hand, you look to religion for the answers to question about meaning of your life, than you are responsible according to Mr Foley, for “death of many people”. Having written a blog called: The God of Scientism on the very issue in question, I fear that Mr Foley put a burden of heavy reposibility on my atheistic, but perhaps insufficiently scientific shoulders.

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