“This tradition goes back to Plato, but it was ignited by Descartes, Newton, and Locke and…
Domino Valdano

Separation of the body and mind is the essence of Cartesian dualism and Von Neumann was only an early pioneer of 20th century resurection of dualism, all AI practicioners believe in some version of it. Ray Kurzweil for example is determined to become immortal by leaving his body behind in near future and uploading his mind into the formidable Google supercomputer, much like dying Johny Depp did in the movie Transcendence. Stephen Hawking claims proudly that his “perfect mind is imprisoned in his crippled body”. Famous ALS patient, Eric Valor, who is completely paralyzed and only can talk through a computer, is convinced much like Hawking, that “we as people are the expression of our minds. Our physical bodies are just vessels for manifestation of our minds”. I disagree with this disembodied view. I did not find a quick quote from Dawkins but Daniel Dennet, like Dawkins, is a hard core representationalist with little understanding of Heidegger’s or Merlau-Ponty’s critique of it.

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