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The first website ever made is turning 25 this year, and it’s already older than my wife! Even when I was born in Germany, back in 1984, there was no Internet, and I’ve grown up with no Snapchat, no Instagram, and no Facebook. To be honest — during first several years (after I’ve got my Pentium) I was mostly playing games and spending nights and weekends to pass the next level in Duke Nukem or StarCraft, and it was awesome, even without the Internet!

We are millennials — those who still know how to use floppy-disk and audio cassette player because we’ve grown up together with technology. We are inventing it, using it, exploring the possibilities to understand the limits with the idea to break them and build new products, new services, and new life.

The world now is full of self-driven cars passing our house at 70 miles per hour, and babies using the iPads on a daily basis. Meanwhile, every newborn child already provided with access to hundred gigabytes of information from all over the world, a history of human evolution, achievements, education and more. No one ever had such kind of opportunity to read what you want, to study what you want, to write what you want and to build what we all expecting right now.

Today we don’t need to buy a magazine to check the latest news about politics, celebrities or technology achievements. We all have social media profiles and spending hours and evenings there instead of RL*real life. Our morning is no longer starting from coffee with a cigarette or, at least, breakfast. We used to work and spend a spare time at one place — virtual reality.

Most of you remember how only a few decades ago commercials were stressing us out from TV screens and billboards — and now we seeing how advertisement is hiding on our favorite websites/apps and replacing the articles as a Paid content. We exposed to more than 300 daily commercial messages while using sites and applications to manage our work, communication, live, household or entertainment.


Some of us are working hard to build the first-ever AI or transform human brain inside of the computer/network and became immortal. While the majority of people are wasting the time, their potential, opportunities and keep scrolling the feed for hours, or trying to get the best picture of their fresh potato salad)

I’m not going to say that The Internet is entirely bad or scary and how the offline is better while we are cutting the Ethernet cables with the kitchen knife. It’s not that simple to understand and not so easy to use it, but I will try to write about new technologies and their influence on our everyday life, with Psychology perspective.

But first — let me give you my summary:

  • My name is Dmitry, I was born in Germany and raised in Ukraine
  • I’ve got two high school diplomas (technical engineering and general psychology)
  • Studied at New Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis (France)
  • Got my Master’s degree in Psychology. The theme of my science work: “Psychological influence of advertisement, social media and show business on the formation of lifestyle among young people the age of 18–28”. Already back in 2010, I was focused on the synergy of marketing and psychology and how they are changing human behaviour in our everyday life
  • Last 8 years I worked as Key Project Manager for International Brands and Agencies (Leo Burnett, Grey/G2, Finlandia Vodka, Jack Daniel’s, Pepsi, Lay’s, Dunhill, Kent, Vogue, Marlboro, Chesterfield, Carlsberg, Corona, Tuborg, Honda, McDonald’s) and few biggest digital production studios in Ukraine
  • Back in 2013, I was Digital Account Director leading project manager’s department with more than 30 digital activities at the same time (including web applications, websites, Facebook TAB/games)
  • In 2014, I’d joined a private jet startup (JetMe) as Operation Director. With seed funding $400k, sales department in San Francisco and R&D office in Ukraine — I’ve managed to lead this company from zero to $3M market valuation by launching MVP in Ukraine, having a pivot in California (iPhone app) and gaining $30K in revenue during first month after the official Launch in United States. [TechCrunch]

I’m little over 30th, living in Los Angeles together with my lovely wife and our two cats, while working on something entirely disruptive!

I’m starting this blog to contribute knowledge and experience about Advertisement and Business, Psychology and NLP, Marketing and Management, gained from the last decade of my career.

You are more than welcome to read, comment, follow and share.

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