A Flop Unlike Any Other…
M.G. Siegler

From Dayton, Ohio and I know 5 people who wear their Apple a watch every day. Last week I saw an employee at McDonalds wearing one. For me the hook was the fitness/daily activity tracker. A reminder to stand every hour? Awesome. It tracks mileage on my road bike as accurately as any bike computer (iPhone must accompany and is the GPS of course). I try to fill the 3 circles every day and have lost over 10 pounds that I attribute just to the Apple Watch. Notifications, sunrise/sunset time, temperature and magnetic charging cable are all convenient. It has opened my awareness to the watch as a fashion accessory and now wear other watches as well, coordinating with clothing for the day as best possible. This has proven somewhat of a problem as I still want to track the health data. It is very nice for a gen 1 product. Fast native apps would solve the bulk of the problems and that’s when sales will rise more quickly because there will be so much more functionality to serve the interests of a wider audience.

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