The Top 10 Most Popular Romexsoft Blog Posts of 2016

2016 was full of events, inspiring technology breakthroughs, and shocking news, including Brexit and elections in U.S. We at Romexsoft always try to keep eyes on the ball in a technology world, test new practices and after gaining our own experience share it with you.

Did you catch all of the best of Romexsoft blog? If no that’s not a problem as we have prepared for you the Top 10 most popular Romexsoft blog posts of 2016. Dig in!

7 Best Java Frameworks for 2016

7 Best Java Frameworks for 2016

There is no doubt that Java is one of the programming languages that is most in demand these days. Here we have scooped a handful of goody info about trending frameworks that ease everyday lives of software developers around the globe.

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5 Software Testing Trends To Follow In 2016

5 Software Testing Trends To Follow In 2016

Agile environment and DevOps practices are being highly used and adopted among software testers as their quality level is increasing due to high market demand, fast project changes and releases. We have already faced a vast demand for software testing automation, which will be relevant more than ever in 2016.

In the blog post, you can find the most relevant new trends in software testing 2016 proven by Romexsoft experience.

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Fintech vs Banks: Cooperation or Competition?

Fintech vs Banks: Cooperation or Competition?

One of the hottest trends among investors in 2016 is Fintech related ventures. The industry simplifies and transforms financial operations between people, companies, and countries. Young startups with “Silicon Valley” mindset bring serious competition for banks, targeting unbanked population and it’s only the start of upcoming tech disruption of traditional banking.

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How To Successfully Pitch Your Startup to Venture Capitalist

How To Successfully Pitch Your Startup to Venture Capitalist

You are a visionary. You have the idea and the market. All you need now is a bit (well…not quite a bit) of money to bring your idea to life.

While bootstrapping and private investments from friends/family may be an early solution, if you are aiming for a unicorn company, raising funds from venture capitalists should be the move to make.

This guide is packed with actionable pieces of advice from top VCs and seasoned founders. Get to know what investors look for in founders, your pitch deck, and the essential questions to answer during your speech!

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How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Web App?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Web App?

So, how to develop a web app? If you are a no-coder yourself, the logical assumption is that you need to hire a web development company.

But how much will that cost you?

We wish we could look into a cloudy crystal ball, make some weird gestures and somberly announce that “Your web application development will cost $XXXXX and no single cent more”.

But that’s not the case.

In this guide, we are breaking down the core pricing factors, which influence the final price tag.

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How To Make a Live Streaming Website Like Twitch.TV

How To Make a Live Streaming Website Like Twitch.TV

Late in 2014, Amazon purchased Twitch.TV for $970 million, winning a bidding war with Google.


Because Twitch has a huge user community, including 50% of all millennials worldwide. Founded in 2011, Twitch.TV was established for gamers — gamers who wanted to livestream their gaming activities, by creating channels on Twitch and streaming videos of themselves playing in real time.

Get to know how to develop a profitable solution and what do you need to think about at the start to cater the growing millennial market!

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How to Develop a CRM System?

How to Develop a CRM System?

Whether you are just launching or been in operations for quite awhile, you won’t succeed without loyal customers onboard.

Great customer service is built upon a thin line between receiving customer feedback respectively and avoiding giving in to any request. An effective CRM pipeline will help you build a more personal relationship with your clients, offer better customization in services, boost customer loyalty especially considering that the costs of acquiring a new customer is 4 to 10 times higher than retaining a new one.

To achieve all the above, you need a custom CRM solution in line with your unique business goals and processes. In this guide, we’ll cover all the ins and outs you should consider when approaching a CRM software development company for a custom project quote.

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How We Use Quora For Lead Generation and Marketing Software Services

How We Use Quora For Lead Generation and Marketing Software Services

Quora is a big deal these days. You’ve heard the buzz — it can bring massive traffic to your corporate blog, leverage your authority in the niche and drive qualified leads.

But does marketing on Quora work for software companies? Indeed, it does.

In this guide, we share the exact tips we’ve used at Romexsoft, plus the results we’ve gotten. And, boy, those were surprising!

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Software Blogs All Cool Kids Are Reading This Year

Software Blogs All Cool Kids Are Reading This Year

Ever wondered what everyone else in the industry is reading? Well…

  • We have 14 software blogs and authors we particularly admire.
  • A good half of them are also published authors and keynote speakers.
  • And leading industry thought leaders, educators as pretty much any chosen of post from the least will teach you a good thing or two and incredibly talented pros we admire.

So, who are those awesome fellows?

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Comparison of JS Frameworks: Angular.js vs React.js vs Ember.js

Comparison of JS Frameworks: Angular.js vs React.js vs Ember.js

Finally, you’ve come to a marvelous idea for a JavaScript-based application or a website. Choosing the right framework may have a considerable effect on the success of your project. It can influence your ability to complete the project on time and maintain your code in the future. JavaScript frameworks, like Angular.js, Ember.js, or React.js, bring structure to your code and keep it organized, thus making your app more flexible and scalable, and the development process — easier.

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