My mac broke and I’ve been computer-less for the past 3 days.

In these 3 days I realized that I’m unbelievably reliant on a computer to achieve my daily goals (and watch YouTube videos…)

These goals go from reading blogs and books to editing website content for my friends.

I know that this is the age of mobile, but real work still needs computers. Mobile apps can only take me so far.

So this is what I’ve done instead:

  • Play hours of Madden on my Xbox. (The most I’ve done in a while).
  • Browse my social media feeds on my phone for the sake of “doing” something tech-related.
  • Reflect on my current lifestyle and see what I’d like to change and how.
  • Sat on the couch instead of my desk chair for hours.
  • Read some print books for pleasure.

Ughh just thinking about the first 2 points disgusts me. Browsing social media for hours really takes a toll on the neck muscles.

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