Phone Calls

I have bad timing when it comes to ending phone calls with friends.

I had two phone calls today. Both were supposed to be 10–20 minutes conversations that lasted well over 40 minutes. Not good.

I had no intentions of having long conversations. I had even prefaced the phone calls by stating that they would be quick.

I reflected on myself after the last phone call. They were within 15 minutes apart. I realized that I would always speak for most of the duration of the calls. I’d also go off on many tangents.

This is bad. I get off topic and we end up having to backtrack most of the time. Finally, I discussed the reasons for our phone calls after 5–10 minutes of bouncing around.

At the end I would ask, “Do you have any questions for me?”

Both of my friends responded with somethings similar to, “No, everything sounds good.”

Right there I should’ve ended the phone calls. Instead, I spent 5+ minutes reiterating our conversations — all because I felt that I dominated the calls and they should have a chance to take over.

I would prod and ask leading questions in hopes of them asking me questions. Totally wasting our time.

Now I’m over it.

I vow to start timing and limiting myself on my phone calls.

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