The New Dynamic

When was the last time there were no phones at the dinner table?

We used to spend time together in the moment. Now, we spend time together on the internet. We could all be sitting on the dinner table, but whose head is up? I’m on Facebook or Instagram while I grab my cup.

Like I said in my previous post, habits are easy to change. We use to sit together and converse with our hosts. We used to keep our heads up, but the routine has new range. The dynamic is here. Social has never been bigger.

If we want to stay relevant then we need to accept the new environment. Social media is not making humanity worst. We are not losing connection with others. Rather, social apps increase our range to be heard.

We used to spend a day informing friends and family how we’re doing, but one post gets the job going. Check in, share an emotion, what are you eating?

The platform changes and are you willing to join the communication?

See you on the next one!