Vegas Pro 14.0 part 3

Part 3 of many

On this one, we keep going over features of the Vegas Pro UI.

Track List Operation

To add a name to a track, double-click the box next to the number in the timeline.

You can minimize or maximize a track by clicking the small icon next to it.

Status and Scrub

You can use the status bar to view the status of your selections. You can use the scrubber to move your position in the timeline.

Creating Projects

To create a new project: Ctrl + Shift + N, or File > New. There, you can select the project default settings. Note that the NTSC format is applicable to North America.

You can always change your project settings later by going to File > Properties.

Saving and Naming Projects

Pretty standard, but there is a check box for “Copy Media with project” that will actually copy the project media instead of just make references to your file system. Handy.

Importing and Assessing Files

The Explorer tab allows you to browse files in your Windows OS and also enables you to preview them without adding them to your project.

This tab also has a useful button called “Turn On/Off Auto Preview Play” which enables auto preview. This is handy when trying to manage a huge library.

You can toggle between project media views by clicking the “Views” button.

Matching Video Properties to a Project

When creating a new project, you can easily match the video properties of an existing video by going to File > New > Match Media Settings button.

You can save these settings for future use by checking the “Start all new projects with these settings” checkbox.

Sending Media to the Timeline

To quickly move to the start or end of the timeline: Ctrl + arrow key left or arrow key right.

To add a new track to the timeline, simply left-click drag the media from the project media tab into the timeline.

To delete a track, left click it in the timeline and press the delete key. You can also right click > Delete.

If you want to get a dialog box with multiple options before adding to the timeline, right-click drag the media into the timeline. This will give you helpful features, such as “Add across time”, “Add across tracks”, or you can import audio or video only.

That’s it for now. Until next time!

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