Why I think Pokémon GO is so successful

The game is kind of the opposite of addictive. It makes you walk for kilometers (literally) in order to get a reward that might not be that good.

I think it’s doing so well because it’s based on one of the most successful franchises in history, is very very simple, and is really a social experience.

Everyone is playing together, competing, talking about it. It let’s lot of small simple things unexplained so people will have to talk or at least interact online to get some information.

The game itself is kind of boring, but it creates something that every player have in common. I think people lack/miss that king of thing in today’s society, so they go out and play, meet people, talk. I did that, no other game did that to me ever before.

But it wasn’t because of anything in the game itself, but because it gave me this one little thing in common with those random people that would normally just turn their faces away.