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Jules, what a wonderful surprise! I love Earl Grey tea, it is my favorite and I drink it hot and plain. I’m not entirely sure what gumboot tea is. Sounds like it might be a good pair with oysters and not at all shabby. If that’s what you’re having then that’s what I’m having and would be delighted to make it with you.

I think tea is best just as it is with nothing to mar or mask its subtleties. Coffee, on the other hand, I prefer sweet and creamy. Thick like. Equal parts sugar, heavy cream, and dark hot liquid in the cup. Throw cinnamon in while it’s brewing and maybe a bit of raw chocolate, too. Dribble caramel on before drinking. I mean it’s really hardly coffee at all at this point. More like pudding, isn’t it. Hot or cold, dealer’s choice. But I very often prefer something warm to something cool unless it’s one of those days where the sweat is beading up and sliding down the outside of a glass.

but it’s not one of those days
it is grey in its close way
the sky, nothing else, dripping wet

clouds thickly laden
puddles i’ve just played in
ripples in time having met

while the sky’s deftly pouring
a day best left for snoring 
or hot drinks, all around we will get

A bit silly, I know. That’s how I get very often. Feeling things deeply, strongly, and simply as you’ve said. We’re all sensitive here. The world touches us at a raw spot and we write it down because so many of our spots are raw. Perhaps all of them. Hemingway was right, there’s noting to it: you just sit down with your laptop and bleed. We’re all sensitive and brilliant here and it’s nice to have a place to go and be and feel comfortable, or at least welcome and uncomfortable (on account of all the rawness, ye ken) at Soul Blogger Central.

Bleeding carries with it strength and wisdom of a kind not purchased any other way. So communicating is easier and devoid of many of the kinds of barriers we place between ourselves and those in other, less sensitive, societies or environments.

A few of us, actually I’m referring directly to you now, a few of us know ourselves so well and are so thoroughly sensitive that when slaying your demons, or jotting a note about some time or place, or making a verbal doodle you touch on a thing which is universal in each of us. In all of us. It speaks to our experience, too, harmonizing with the song of our lives. It’s beautiful and magical to be a part of a community where that’s the norm. I understand it is a surprise for you. I think that is its own beauty and magic, too.

Thank you for asking — I spend my time trying to be as dull as possible. I’ve had quite enough excitement so far and need a bit of a lie down, frankly. There’s baggage to unpack and demons of my own need slaying; I’m all about that at the moment. (I’ll be back to exciting shenanigans soon enough, don’t you worry. I can’t really avoid them this time around. Seems to be part of the law referenced in my bio blurb.) I work as a secretary, basically, at a law firm. Saving money to go to grad school on. Hell, just saving to apply to school as the law school application process in this country is an obscenity.

When I’m not working or studying to get into school, I exercise, read, or cook. I enjoy cooking. Often as not there is music on and a dance party in the kitchen. I’m the only one in attendance so a dress code is not strictly enforced. Now, I am not saying clothing is optional (although clothing is, in fact, optional) Clothing is not really optional for me as cook, because the words “hot splatter” and “cook’s sensitive bits” should not be used nor found together. I just mean to say a dress code per se is not strictly enforced at a kitchen dance party. It’s come as you are. I’m sure you understand.

I need to leave in a bit and finish the lamb and macincheese that’ll be my suppers for the coming week. Macincheese doesn’t really do it justice, and I am and have always been all about the justice. It’s really an alchemy, my macincheese. Even as your cheese scones are a zen koan bestowing in equal measures enlightenment and satisfaction, even though you’ve said otherwise.

Thank you so much for your response. It is a surprise because, although you are quite right about my question being serious, I was expecting something flippant or careless in return. Yes, a dog’s biscuit. Thank you for your thoughtful and generous reply. I appreciate the time it took to write, however much or little it was. Your time. Your encouragement. They mean something to me. Until next time.