Why Everyone On Earth Should Be Loudly Opinionated About US Politics
Caitlin Johnstone

Let me, as a inconvenient Antipodean, echo Caitlyn’s point. The joint that consumes a disproportionate amounts of earth’s resources, emits a disproportionate quantity of pollutants and kills an extremely disproportionate number of innocent civilians around the globe, had better get used to all kinds of informed people telling them off.

Added to which, the blinkered Yanks are the worst-informed of the world: not only that — they are kept in such a state of fear and panic by their psy-war operators, they cannot think straight, and have never learned to use their critical faculties.

Australians live in a far-flung island away from anywhere except New Zealand (Hobbit country) and are largely a mix of (cynical) English and (rebellious) Irish. That’s a pretty good starter for anyone who wants to stand outside the madhouse and peer in at the lunatics.

You go, Caitlyn. You can only improve matters.

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