Three things Netflix needs ASAP

I WATCH Netflix. So do you, probably. Here are three features I think it needs.

1. A “rewind 15 seconds” button

You know the drill. The person next to you talks through a bit, or the cat jumps in your lap, spilling your soup. You only need to rewind 15 seconds, so why do we have to use the standard rewind button (which often takes you way past where you want to go)? Podcasts have this. Your move, Netflix.

2. A “skip credits” button

I love Regina Spektor’s Orange Is The New Black theme song “You’ve Got Time”, but I don’t need to hear it every time I fire up an episode. Especially when I’m watching more than one episode in a row. As Spektor herself sings, (albeit about much weightier subject matter) “standing still is hard”. Netflix, you already offer a “skip recap” button, so how about one called “skip credits”? UPDATE: Apparently this is offered on some platforms, but not on all (such as Android TV).

3. A “bookmark” button

You’re watching Netflix with your significant other or housemate and you need to go to bed, but they want to keep watching. Instead of making you remember the minute and second you’re up to, why not add a bookmark feature? This would help you easily pick up where you left off. Another benefit: the bookmark button would also be useful for those in the entertainment industry — actors, directors, reviewers, and students — who want to return to the important parts of a movie or TV show later.

So how ‘bout it, Netflix? After all, “taking steps is easy”, right, Regina? And “everyone is waiting, waiting on you”.

Are there any features you’d love to see on Netflix?