12 Week Sketch Marathon, Do or Die.

Ron E.
Ron E.
Apr 4, 2016 · 6 min read

You may have seen on my Dribble or Behance timeline many colorful and pointless interfaces during last 4 months :) Well if not, it was the 12-week sketch marathon (including weekends), where i was doing a shot every single day during 12 weeks. Below i will be telling you what came out of it.

This article will be useful for those who are planning to do a similar crazy thing and are about to start.

1. Why a 12-week Marathon and Not a “Daily UI”?

I had several criteria why daily ui didn’t suit me:

• The time had to fit the 12-week period because there were also tasks for this period of time.

• I wanted to upgrade my sketch skills as 95% of all my work i do exactly in sketch.

• I wanted to upgrade exactly the mobile UI as long as there were not so many works in portfolio and this fact did disappointed.

So this is how the name “12-week sketch marathon” appeared. Possibly primitive, but quite clear.

2. What Useful Can Be Learned From the Marathon?

Work speed


Mobile UI Skills

• Smartphone is a more interactive device of intercommunication with users, in the interface of which you can not only tap but also swipe and zoom. The most important thing is to make these actions obvious in the design.

• Basic navigation elements should be located at the bottom and in the center of the screen because while using the smartphone with one hand the navigation often comes to a thumb.

• The users are more used to unusual elements in mobile than in web.

3. What Will Be the Marathon Useful For?

4. What Will Be Useful Before You Start?

For those who finally made up their mind to get down i prepared a list of recommendations below.

It’s better to have a plan

List of shots

Post the shots at the same time

Use more contrast

Concepts are good

5. What Not To Do

Better don’t start a marathon during a trip or any other events

Stop a marathon


Marathon on the last place

Expect that everyone likes your idea

6. Conclusion

Everyone who wants to start a marathon but is hesitating I hope this article will be helpful as in my case it was an adventure, to which as it turned out i wasn’t prepared.

All shots you can see on Dribble and the most popular on Behance. I will be grateful if you click “like” on the works you like.

If it is interesting for anyone, you can buy a pack with all works on Creative market or on Themeforest. Also you can download FREE version.

I will be glad to hear a feedback from you in an article or on Facebook.

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Ron E.

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