Apps I’ll be using at #Anes16 to tweet!

  • Twitter: No brainer right? There are other browsers available but over the years @twitter has significantly improved the base application to meet the needs of the beginner all the way to the superusers. At conferences like #Anes16 my Twitter app will easily receive the most attention. Check out for a comparison between twitter and tweetbot — my suggestion for newbies, maximize the free twitter app then look externally.
  • Hootsuite: Hootsuite is a commonly used platform for managing your #socialmedia. The hootsuite dashboard provides integrations with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn….Unless your sharing your posts across platforms or multiple twitter accounts than hootsuite might not be for you. For a balance review of hootsuite check out
  • Medium: Do have more to say than 140 characters, then medium might be the forum for you. Medium is a self-publishing microblogging platform. Medium facilitates social journalism, a blog host for amateurs and professionals.
  • Instagram: A picture says a thousand words (-140). Use Instagram to show off the conference host city, great restaurants, nightlife (keep it professional 😉).
  • Buffer: Buffer allows you to schedule posts, you can post to multiple social media sites (including Instagram), and the posts can be done now or added to your buffered queue. My favourite aspect is the ability to pull in my most viewed RSS feeds and buffer selected posts for future posting.
  • Keynote: Got more to say, don’t want to blog, why not create a slide. Might not seem intuitive but that Keynote (or PPT, I guess) slide can be exported as an image to share and use to tag fellow tweeters. Easier yet, on your iPhone play the slideshow and take a simple screenshot [press home + power button simultaneously]. Example below from Dalhousie Anesthesia journal club #AnesJC.
  • Snapseed: Lastly, for media editing, snapseed is high powered but easy to use. I only mention it here because of the recent featured added — annotation. You can add great text to your images, making them perhaps more meaningful. [Below — #Anes16 added with snapseed]