Getting Social @CASupdate — #CAS_SCA2017

Today the anesthesiologists from across Canada and the rest of the world will gather in Niagara Falls, Ontario for the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society (@CASupdate) Annual Meeting (#CAS_SCA2017). Knowledge dissemination and creation occur every minute at these meetings and we need to create and maintain the knowledge sharing economy. @Twitter is a forum for anesthesia communication — check out @EMarianoMD — Why physicians and researchers should be on twitter.

When tweeting at #CAS_SCA2017 — HAVE FUN — and think strategically about your communications.

  • Listen deliberately — understand your audience — their motivators & influencers. Social media is relationship driven. When you speak to an audience in 2017 you are speaking to an audience of audiences. Think amplification!
  • Be creative — retweeting is great for sharing information, but consider adding an editorial comment or links/media/references to enrich the conversation and add value to your followers.
  • Behind the scenes — got the inside track to a great meeting, workshop, or research sessions — share that, be the “insider”. Spotlight aspects that not all attendees might have access to or time to see.
  • Deep thought — before you hit the tweet button, think, is this something I want to put out into the universe. Every tweet, post, comment is going to interact with your colleagues and their audiences. Bring value and positivity to your audience. Not everything is perfect and I don’t look at the world through rose colored glasses — but some discussions should perhaps occur in person and not over social media.

Make sure you have these apps downloaded and ready to roll.

  • Twitter: No brainer right? There are other browsers available but over the years @twitter has significantly improved the base application to meet the needs of the beginner all the way to the superusers. At conferences like #CAS_SCA2017 my Twitter app will easily receive the most attention. Check out for a comparison between twitter and tweetbot — my suggestion for newbies, maximize the free twitter app then look externally.
  • Hootsuite: Hootsuite is a commonly used platform for managing your #socialmedia. The hootsuite dashboard provides integrations with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn….Unless your sharing your posts across platforms or multiple twitter accounts than hootsuite might not be for you. For a balance review of hootsuite check out
  • Instagram: A picture says a thousand words (-140). Use Instagram to show off the conference host city, great restaurants, nightlife (keep it professional 😉).

Tricks for conference tweeting beginners:

  • Respect the hashtag: CAS has done the favour of creating a meaningful hashtag and we should use the conference hashtag to be part of the #CAS_SCA2017 story. With use of the conference hashtag, the rest of us who don’t yet follow you will be able to find your tweets. Consistency of hashtags is the name of the game. If there are multiple hashtags the networking will be incomplete. With a large conferences you might consider additional hashtags — tagging specific sessions with an additional session specific hashtag s — e.g. #CAS_SCA2017 #Enright or #CAS_SCA2017 #CASIEF during the @CAS_IEF lectures.
  • Give credit where credit is due: At #CAS_SCA2017 there will likely be leaders in our field reported their opinions or results from the most recent research project. If you report something interesting from a speaker or poster presentation give the presenter credit. There are numerous formats, simple such as “yaddah, yaddah, yaddah: @Ron_George”.
  • Media is key to #socialmedia: Want to get more tweets read, liked and retweeted then include different sorts of rich media, pictures and/or videos. I tweet links to websites mentioned by speakers or if there is a key journal article mentioned, why not share the reference. I prefer using #ReadbyQxMD, with its library proxy I can capture the pdf and share components of key references — typically the source of many slides used by speakers.
  • Professionalism: I think it should go without saying, but needs reminding that conferences are essentially public events with #socialmedia. What does this mean…don’t get lured into arguments, the tone can quickly deteriorate for all to see. Be cautious of trolls who latch on to a popular hashtag like #CAS_SCA2017, make sure you know what you are retweeting. At a scientific meeting there might be somethings a presenter might not want shared through out the world. Please honour any request to not publish everything on twitter. Review the story from the American Diabetes Association #socialmedia uproar at their last meeting.

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  • Let’s maintain a high level of professionalism and build our community. Lets have fun at #CAS_SCA2017 and get social.