What’s your #ANES16 #socialmedia strategy?

Despite the weathers and internet hackers attempt to keep me from ASA 😉, I made it. As you make your way to Chicago for @ASALifeline 2016 annual meeting you were not likely contemplating how can I get better at social media. Like me, you return to this meeting each year working towards becoming the best anesthesiologist you can be. However, I think becoming good at social media could possibly make you a better physician & anesthesiologist.

While tweeting at #ANES16 try not to focus on the numbers. In other words don’t worry about likes ❤️, retweets or new followers. Look after the quality and the quantity will take care of itself. This is a time when you can engage anesthesiologists from all over the world. Some will have very similar interests & stories, but excitingly very many will have diverse enriching experiences — tap into that opportunity.

Meaningfully engagement is tweeting helpful and insightful content tailored to your audience.

My strategy…

  1. Listen deliberately — understand your audience — their motivators & influencers. Social media is relationship driven. When you speak to an audience in 2016 you are speaking to an audience of audiences. Think amplification!
  2. Be creative — retweeting is great for sharing information, but consider adding an editorial comment or links/media/references to enrich the conversation and add value to your followers.
  3. Behind the scenes — got the inside track to a great meeting, workshop, or research sessions — share that, be the “insider”. Spotlight aspects that not all attendees might have access to or time to see.
  4. Deep thought — before you hit the tweet button, think, is this something I want to put out into the universe. Every tweet, post, comment is going to interact with your colleagues and their audiences. Bring value and positivity to your audience. Not everything is perfect and I don’t look at the world through rose colored glasses — but some discussions should perhaps occur in person and not over social media.

What’s your strategy — I would love to hear from all #Anes16 tweeters.