I have some comprehension of your frustrations.
DeAnn Ryals

DeAnn: Thank you for your response. Sometimes a try isn’t good enough. You said that I am looking at a finite point instead of the whole picture. My background is PolSci. I worked in state government. I’m a lawyer. I am looking at the big picture of a broken justice system and how laws meant to capture “superpredators” instead snared low level criminals and criminalized behavior that wasn’t meant to be part of the law. If the superpredators laws worked then my hometown of Chicago shouldn’t have the gang problem it currently has. Even at the height of the crack-cocaine epidemic in the 80s, violence in Chicago was not at the current levels. As the saying goes, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Most everyone now agrees (educators/politicians) that the crime bill did little to stop superpredators, instead put police in schools where officers issue misdemeanors for spitting, farting, or worse yet assault students for things that in my day was designated for detention. Now kids as young as 5 have criminal records that have to be expunged. This is the result of well intentioned policies. People thought there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. When we realized that wasn’t true, you don’t say “my bad.” The big picture is a broken criminal justice system and politicians passing laws to garner votes. I know how a well intentioned system can imprison the innocent because they can’t afford bail only to have the case dismissed months later. Unfortunately, the damage is done. That person has lost employment and God forbid suffered assault/abuse while in prison. I know how prosecutors take cases to court to get win records to get promoted — an abuse of prosecutorial discretion. I grew up on Chicago Police Commissioner Jon Burge who tortured people to confess to crimes after being pulled over for minor traffic violations. I know all too well the big picture. Which is why I am so hard on Mrs. Clinton. Even if they meant well, more harm than good occurred. That is a travesty of justice! Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. Even if we do not agree on the subject, we can agree to disagree amicably. That is what I like about Medium readers.

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