I’m a scientist with a clairvoyant mother

I couldn’t find a photo of me in a lab coat. So here you go. I fresh faced graduate in science!

I am naturally very gullible. So much so that kids at school would trick me often to see if I fell for it (yes kids can be total asshats). When I decided to pursue a career in STEM I realized my gullibility would be seen as foolish. A scientist thinks critically after all. So I spent the next 8 years of my life learning to step back and put my critical cap on before just believing something off the bat.

During that time I started to doubt in my mother. For as long as I can remember she has claimed to “see” things. She is by no means in the same category as professional (or Hollywood) mediums. She can’t predict the future, she can only see people that have “crossed over” and then only vaguely, they can’t have whole conversations with her. For as long as I could remember I believed her completely, why wouldn’t I? She’s my mother.

But when I learned to be more critical I started doubting her, not because she gave me any reason to doubt (aside from the obvious I can’t see all this for myself, I depend on her telling me what happened). I didn’t doubt her based on facts but rather on the assumption that a scientist simply cannot believe there are supernatural things happening in our world. So I traded in my natural gullibility of all things for a gullibility that scientists just don’t believe in certain things.

I would usually teach myself to be critical while lying in this position…And I studied this way too. JK! This was just when I’m lazy.

It, shockingly, took me another couple of years to realize that it’s okay to believe in something you cannot fully explain. I believe in God after all, my faith may have waned while I studied but it never disappeared. How difficult is it to believe that there may be people out there capable of seeing things that science can’t (yet) prove or disprove? It also helped to meet fellow scientists who agreed there are indeed things in this world that are unexplained. That it remains a mark of a good researcher to keep an open mind. For an open mind will believe anything is possible until science can prove otherwise.

Okay. There are charlatans out there.

I know that. You can’t just believe in every medium that claims to speak to your father’s uncle’s cousin’s one friend. But my mother never struck me as a liar. She has never been dishonest with me, even on occasions when a lie would at least have made me feel better she has still remained brutally honest. She shows none of the signs of someone “doing it to seek attention” either. Her stories were always said with an honest face and over the years the details never altered and she never went and shared her experiences with the world, only with the one or two people in our family she thinks would like to hear who she “met”.

This may not be solid proof that her stories are true, but I choose to believe her. I choose to have faith that there are things I cannot explain. I choose to say my mother is not a liar.

I do need to add here that my aunts also have a “sensitivity” to the “other side” so I have actually been raised in a family of women who could see things. Boy the stories I could share, but I thank the Good Lord I was not given this gift since I have a very healthy (in my mind at least) fear of spirits and all things natural. If I should ever be visited by someone or something I would run for the door (probably messing myself) before my next thought would even register in my head. And hells to the no won’t I ever set foot in that place again.

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