You don’t know me anymore

We used to spend hours talking and joking. You would make an effort to please me and I would want to show you a different side to the world. We would not go to bed without sharing our whole day.

Yes I was demanding. I still am. I was spoilt by all your attention and affection. I was spoilt rotten by all your effort.

That is perhaps why it all crashed and burnt.

You spoilt me till you didn’t anymore.

I felt lost and unloved. It shames me to think that I did not try to spoil you back.

I could have done more.

I should have done more.

But I was so hurt and angered by not receiving that I wanted to take. Yet you kept your fists closed so tightly there was nothing left for me to take.

Slamming myself against the rock of you hurt.

And so I retreated to my cave, and turned myself slowly into rock.

Now where there once were two lovers embracing one another there are two rocks.

Sitting next to each other

Coldly ignoring each other

Fantasizing about a better life without each other.

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