Sony Moves on from Horrific Hack

Experts are calling the latest cyber attack, this time against Sony, one of the worst and most unique hacking scandals in history. It took less than one week for cyber terrorists to eviscerate a major movie studio. Computers are down, email is crashing and private company memos and private employee salaries are now public fodder online. And Ronn Torossian said that’s not the worst of it. The attack is so brutal the FBI is now telling other companies to be on the lookout for the malware that infested Sony’s network.

Oh, and someone leaked a stolen copy of Sony’s latest theatrical releases, “Fury,” a Word War II action drama with Brad Pitt playing the lead. Today, more than 2.3 million illegal downloads have been made. At ten bucks a ticket times how many people watch it, that’s a ton of lost revenue

Right…and it’s worse still. Sony was on the verge of releasing its remake of the perennial hit musical “Annie.” This version, starring Jamie Foxx, was supposed to hit theaters just before Christmas. Instead, it’s already been pirated nearly 300,000 times.

And, on top of the financial fallout, the PR mess is measured on a massive order of magnitude. Remember those “private” emails? Well, many of them contained reports and employee opinions that should have definitely stayed private. For example: Sony failed to deliver on its Spiderman movie franchise, and some of the other movies have some employees bored and others flat out fed up. How long before Reddit, 4Chan and the Memeverse get a hold on those PR grenades?

But wait, there’s more…

Tech blogs have found a trend that, according to them, shows a pay gap that runs along gender and race lines. Not terribly surprising, but certainly not good news for Sony. But that could just be the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands of more files for people to pour through.

Ronn Torossian is the President of the Ronn Torossian Foundation, 5WPR CEO and author of best selling PR Book ‘For Immediate Release’.