The “Women in Tech” convo needs more men
Jess Iandiorio

Excellent article and excellent points. We also need to address the issue within our own ranks — number of women who still shun other women, don’t want to help, doesn’t believe there is a problem, and shun those trying.

And then there is the separate STEM from all careers. Problem is that companies who are not ‘Tech’ based such as the Federal Reserve have a hard time attracting women who are in Tech to their Operations, IT, Finance, Cyber Security, teams.

I may not be the most influential person but every person I meet I bring to them a better understanding of what they can do, how they can help and to not whine.

Whining doesn’t change the situation, complaining doesn’t change the situation, and like you said neither does alienating the other 1/2 of this equation.

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