Karma is a Cheater

A serial cheater is a monogamist’s worst nightmare. Especially when you fall for one, but it’s too late when they tell you their past and there is no turning back. At least for the moment you can’t seem to let go and you start to believe they’ll be faithful to you. However, deep down there will always be a feeling of mistrust and suspicion.

When a cheater decides to finally not cheat on their partner because they really love them or simply because they want to become monogamous, that’s when the universe decides to give them a taste of their own medicine.

As a good listener and someone who spent most of their life single, I’ve indulged in the stories friends and family have told me. Whether these stories are their own or not, I keep them stored in my precious and impressive hippocampus to later put them on the Internet.


The story will start with me. Well, my father actually because I consider myself a serial monogamist. My deadbeat dad left my mother and his three children because he couldn’t stand the guilt of having extramarital affairs and children outside his marriage in his home country. My mom knew about one, but she didn’t know about the other three until a few years after he abandoned us.

After all these years, he’s still a lonely, miserable man with none of his children and lovers by his side. That’s his karma, but although that karma is well deserved and harsh, the ones where cheaters without a family or spouse to abandon is different.

This karma isn’t the one where you fall face flat on the ground and break your nose after laughing at the kid who tripped earlier. However, this karma is in the shape of a human being that walks into the life of a betrayer, whether they know it or not.

On their first Tinder date, Brian took Stacy to his cousin’s apartment after a few drinks at a bar. After three months, they said their ‘I love you’s.’ And on Valentine’s Day they became official.

Even though it took less than a year to tie him down, Stacy had to work hard to earn the “girlfriend” title. He has been cheated on in the past and avoided getting into serious relationships. However, she proved herself to be worthy of his love and the chase brought her to commit to monogamy.

Brian didn’t know Stacy cheated on all of her previous boyfriends, but a month or two before their official breakup she confessed to build trust. When he came back from his week long vacation, he made love with his girlfriend and confessed to her the next day that he cheated on her while he was away.

The crazy part was that Stacy saw it coming. Since the beginning of their toxic relationship, she kept telling me that Brian was going to be her karma. That he was going to cheat on her, but I kept telling her that Brian was against cheating because he knew what it was like.

Well, I guess Stacy and I were both deceived.

At eighteen years old, Karina met Christian, a twenty-something year old lost soul, at a pizza shop she worked at. She felt that it was love at first sight and pursued him until he fell hard.

Christian was her first love, sex partner, and boyfriend. However, Karina wasn’t his first in anything. He had made many mistakes with past girlfriends, including impulsive behaviors like doing drugs and constantly cheating. But she would be the first he would stay faithful to because he had already lost one good girl.

He knew this one would be the one and so he worked hard in the relationship because she was his goddess.

She’s the jealous type and she probably had every reason to because cheating was on his relationship resume. At one point, Karina even thought I had a thing for her boyfriend. She watched his every move and did not like any girls that came near him.

Five years later, Karina and Christian’s cousin have a drunken night out and lock lips.


Christian’s discovery shocked and shattered him. He once told me that he wouldn’t be surprised if Karina ever left him to explore other options, but everyone thought she wasn’t capable of cheating because she was obsessed with her love.

Although I don’t know David’s entire story, when he told me he tore up many hearts in the past, right away I knew the reason why him and Jennifer broke up.

Calling all female characters on TV who betrayed their significant others sluts and assholes, also gave me the hint. It was only after I ended our rebound fling when David told me his ex cheated on him and that it was his karma.

He didn’t have to tell me, but I wanted to say ‘HA! I knew it!’ Still, thank you David for helping me move on from my breakup and making me realize rebound relationships suck ass.

NOW I’m not saying this will happen to every cheater that decides to become monogamous. Nor does it mean that every monogamist who dates a cheater will betray their partner, but life is interesting and it’s true when they say karma is a bitch (or a cheater?). For real.