Small Charity Champions

Some of these numbers really make shameful reading.

Take a look at the numbers. They really make shameful reading from some of the UK’s largest charities.

Small charities often don’t get a look in, they simply don’t have the marketing budget or the resources the bigger charities have and as such find it very difficult to reach out to supporters and make their voices heard.

In my experience working with charities for over 17 years smaller charities are often close to 100% when it comes to spending on charitable activities, many take no salary and often cover expenses from their own pockets.

Why not find a small charity near you for a cause you believe in and raise money or volunteer for them? You will be making a huge difference and in an efficient/effective way.

If you do come across a small charity that needs advice, please feel free to put them in touch with me, I am always happy to help.

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