“Where are you really from?”
Marie Zafimehy

I’m prompted “where are you really from?” on a daily basis, predominantly from absolutely random strangers, most of which are foreigners. Boring enough, I was born and raised in Redding, a very small town, very far north in California (currently live in Santa Monica, CA); however, this answer never ceases to dissatisfy, if not confuse, my curious encounters. I have blue/grey eyes, dark hair (naturally dirty blonde), and my skin is “white” (for most intents and purposes- permanently “skandinavian-ish” tan) but I have an alleged “exotic” look, which I attribute to my predominantly Swedish and German heritage. As a “white girl from nor cal”, this question is always met with a bit of amusement and at this juncture, I sometimes counter “where do you think I am from?”, receiving a vast array of answers (Iceland, South Africa, England, Brazil- legitimately all over the place). I would never go so far as to say this DAILY question offends me, but rather, I view it as a byproduct of globalization and our ever increasing access to people, information, and connectivity.

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