The Development of RooCru

Its easy to come up with a business idea… Think of a name, purchase the domains, incorporate the company, develop the business plan and source the design team are components that can all be ticked off in a month or so.

The hard part is extracting your beautiful idea out of your brain to develop something tangible.

The evolution of RooCru started in Liverpool. After returning from San Francisco, my previous employer offered me the opportunity to manage the sales team. I accepted on the condition that I could continue to work with RooCru two days per week. Fortunately the Group Manager accepted my proposal so long as I was in the office on my ‘RooCru’ days to manage incomings and training new staff.

Being in Liverpool put me in the perfect mind-set to concentrate on a new venture. The majority of my family and friends were in Cambridge — a few hundred miles away, there was very little to distract me.

I know it’s hard to a launch a business, my dad created a company with literally no money whilst trying to support a family of four… I remember him leaving for work before we got up for school and by the time he got back we were already asleep so I was prepared for the long hours. What I didn’t appreciate is the psychological challenges associated with starting a company. Creating a start-up can be quite unsociable, you start becoming obsessed, blocking people out and begin losing contact with people you value because you are so hypnotised with trying to perfect every part of the design process (forgive me people)… You can see from my original sketch to where it is today… I was pretty busy — and that’s just the homepage!

I started putting in some serious hours into the development of the design… Going back and forth with the designers would take a few hours a day, on top of that I was reading several books to try and avoid common start up mistakes, making constant notes on Evernote and then when I finally get into bed knackered… My brain wouldn’t let me sleep… Coming up with additional features or marketing ideas to attract candidates till, at times gone 1am… Let me sleep.

I probably sound a bit negative… Don’t get me wrong, I loved the design phase, its so interesting to see your idea coming to life… it would just be nice to have a lie-in now and again!

About 4 months later I generated a pre-launch campaign that entitled companies to post their vacancies with us free of charge. The feedback from these initial calls gave me the confidence that we could be onto something exciting and I managed to close a couple of trials with well-established companies in the first week. We also created a simple landing page which enabled us to use other marketing channels to promote the campaign.

Anyway like my teacher always used to say ‘you’re waffling’, so I will leave you with my two pennies worth… Anyone considering launching their own start up… Do it! If you’re passionate enough for your own concept; the pressure, isolation and long hours associated with the development phase will be worth it once you have something that’s ready to launch.

Look at me giving out these words of encouragement and RooCru hasn’t even gone live yet… Ask me again in six months whether you should launch a start-up… Hopefully my answer will be the same!

You can check out what we have been up to here!