Is there room for yet another social media platform?

I’ve joined Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Medium. A majority of my friends / family can be found from additional Linkedin, Tumblr, Vine, Periscope, Google+ and Snapchat. I mainly use WhatsApp and Facebook messenger for communicating, but I still have Skype in my phone- “just in case”.

I start my mornings by going through my email, I read my daily Skimm and move on to see what’s going on in the world of social media. Quick scan through Facebook, then Instagram and finally Twitter. After that I read an article or two from Medium, and maybe at this point I’ll try to get out of bed to take my dog out.

Before I start doing anything serious with my day, I’ve already gone through a massive amount of information. Needless to say, not all of this information is important at all. Still throughout my day I’ll keep “checking” Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and not daily, but sometimes, Pinterest. I feel crazy writing down my social media -habits, even though I’m a person who isn’t even involved with the most recent ones. And I’ve decided not to, since I have enough to deal with already.

To see what’s going on with my friends I use Facebook. To follow some of my favorite people / companies around the world; I use Instagram. Twitter is a great tool for reading news, and Pinterest is something I only use when really bored, or in need of a DIY -guide.

I do feel overwhelmed sometimes. Lately, quite often actually. I have an app for all of my social “needs”, so why do I feel like I should download yet another one without really questioning it?

I don’t think people can keep up with the speed of new social media sites popping up everywhere. We use them for various reasons, but one of them, and for me the most important one, is to save your memories. And if I’m supposed to “start over” every year with a new network; what happens to the content I’ve been creating this entire time? Am I supposed to just let it go, or end up having a dozen of accounts to update?

Here are some thoughts I’ve heard when bringing this subject up;

A) No one is forcing you to be a part of social media.

First of all, it is my own choice to be involved with social media, I know that. I love the content that I’ve created, but even more the content by others that I get to access everyday via my phone. Being a part of a social media doesn’t mean that you never get to critizise it without someone saying; “Then just don’t use them”, because that is not a taking us anywhere. Most of us are a part of it, so why not be a part of the conversation too?

B) New platforms are not trying to replace the old ones, they’re trying to bring something new to the table.

I understand this idea, but it doesn’t change the fact that even though we’re touching our phones every two minutes we still have limited time per day to spend with social platforms. And since people are familiar with quite a few already; I just don’t think there is much space for others. Atleast not yet. And atleast not this similar to the ones we already have. Maybe something without the likes, followers and hashtags? Because even though the general idea might be different from other existing sites / apps; most of them still have a huge amount of identical features. And it’s getting quite boring.

Really boring actually.

So if you’ve been thinking, that you have a great idea for a new social media platform, something remarkable and fantastic, maybe just wait for a while. It would be sad to see yet another good idea go down because it’s just not the right time yet.

I’ll be happy to join your network in a year or two. Maybe.