/Photo: Sokoloff Lingerie/

Why looking at the cellulite of an Victoria’s Secret Angel won’t help your body image

Since celebrities are often portrayed as something perfect and unattainable, there are articles which try to humanize them to make “the rest of us” feel better. The same pictures are used to pursue both negative and positive reactions, yet the outcome is always the same.

It doesn’t matter weather the headline is “Miranda has cellulite too” or “Look at this brave mother in a bikini”, when the reader’s reaction is always the same. Comparison.

No matter how plus-size, or full of stretch marks the person in the pictures is, if the goal is to try make women feel better about themselves by looking at someone else's body; it won’t help anyone in the long run. It’s a completely distorted way to build a good selfesteem, and most importantly; it won’t work.

A much more effective way to help women improve their body image is to talk and write about terms like respect, purpose, mindfulness and confidence.

There is no picture that will ever make anyone feel better about themselves in a healthy way. Because comparing yourself to someone else is never healthy.

The only thing we should be looking at is a mirror.