Building a Sustainable Future — Marketing

Green Marketing with Rana Environmental.

In the world of marketing, sustainability and eco-friendly practices have not always been a priority. Sustainable, or “green” marketing, is a concept not known to many. The concept involves improving environmental conditions whilst enhancing customer satisfaction. The approach seeks to incorporate a wider stance on marketing, as well as seeking to challenge preconceived notions of the relationship between marketing and sustainability. This strategy has proven highly effective with cases such as Phillips and the Toyota Prius.

Marketing Myopia

When applied incorrectly, green marketing can be a pitfall for companies. According to Theodore Levitt in a famous Harvard Business Review article from 1960, the concept of “marketing myopia” describes when companies end up focusing on product features and functions instead of meeting their customers’ needs. When applying green marketing, one cannot be done without the other.

Successful Green Strategies

While there are several methods to take in green marketing, a proven green strategy targets three main areas; consumer value positioning, improving consumer knowledge, and validating your product claims.

While traditional marketing is still at the forefront for a majority of companies, green marketing is an effective way to let your consumers know your stance on sustainable business practices and eco-friendly policies. This will not only attract a larger audience, but also enhance your brand image.

Your Green Marketing Plan

How to you set up a green marketing plan for your business? Aim to integrate an environmental principle to your products and services that benefits your consumers. Whether it creates a trustworthy business image, saves consumers money in the long-run, or makes your client’s life easier, there should be a clear and concise advantage.

This article is part of our 3-part story on building a sustainable future. If you haven’t read the first part, take a look at how design can influence the environment.