Who own the hotel booking market?

Interest of people in booking engines for past 5 years (Google Trends)

OTAs represent a significant amount of hotel reservations. By now, there are several big players on the market who steal the margin of hotels. Today, we spent some time using Google Trends to find out how people adopted major booking engines over time.

On the graph above, we can see that there is increasing interest in booking engines. However, when we look at individual players, we can find several great insights:

  1. Booking.com doesn’t experience significant growth over past 5 years. Booking looks like stable player on the market with only small incremental interest. However, it is still major player on markets like China.
  2. Airbnb have definitely hacked its growth and since the beginning of 2015, it totally outperformed Trivago. We can see the main share of the market in Russia and Australia, pretty big markets.
  3. Trivago experiences incremental growth over time with dramatic peaks during the summer season. Thus, Trivago is very popular during the summer. The biggest market share can be seen in South America.
  4. Expedia experiences small decline over the years. However, it is still a major source for travelers in the US, UK and India.

What do you think about these trends? Do you expect any change?

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