Looping GIFs №5 — Some of our favourite artists

Welcome to our fifth post in our Looping GIFs series. We are keen to keep this up as a regular post so be sure to keep an eye out for our future round ups. If you missed part one head over here and click here view the second part over here, third the part here and our previous post here.

We love creating looping GIFs (see our Thank GIF its Friday (TGIF) collection over on dribbble) and thought we would share some of our favourite and inspiring artists with you. Enjoy!

Jonathan Dahl


Markus Magnusson


Oliver Sin


Update from us

An update from our side, we have just finished off a fun project with the Dutch illustrator Rutger Paulusse called Join Up & Stand Out. We had a great time animating this and all are really happy with the outcome, see the full project Join Up & Stand Out here.

That’s it for set of artists. Keep an eye out for our next set coming out soon plus don’t forget to visit our Dribbble Thank GIF its Friday (TGIF) project page.

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